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Full-size Pickup Truck

Full-Size Pickup Truck

For all your transportation needs, Hengehold Trucks has the vehicles to make your move as swift and smooth as possible. Our Full-Size Pickup Trucks are the perfect example of the reliable transportation vehicles we offer.

At Hengehold Trucks, the Pickup Trucks have a bed length of 8 feet, and an internal width of approximately 4 feet. What that equates to, if about 185 cubic feets of space for you to utilize. This dependable moving vehicle also comes with an optional rack, the length of which exceeds 11 feet.

Pickup Truck For Rent

With our vast inventory of pickup trucks available for rent, you have the option to include a rack on the truck. Having a pickup truck with a rack can help you secure and carry even more for your move. This is perfect for commercial truck rentals where you might have to carry ladders, drywall, or other long tools or items. The truck without the rack is perfect for those who just need to use the bed of the truck to haul furniture, rock, sod, or other materials.

Pickup with Rack Full-Size Pickup Truck with Optional Rack

Height between Bed & Rack 4'
Inside Width 4' *
Width at Tailgate 4' 10"
Bed Length 8'
Length of Rack 11' 7"
Approximate Cubic Feet 185
*Width between wheels wells

Rent From Hengehold Trucks

Since 1948, we’ve worked with thousands all over Northern California in San Jose, Sacramento, Palo Alto, and more with their truck rentals to ease their jobs and moves. We understand that renting vehicles can be stressful and costly, that’s why you’re able to book your rental online. No matter if you’re looking to rent a truck, cargo van, or a moving van, you can be confident that you’ll work with someone who understands your needs at Hengehold Trucks.

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Reserve your Pickup Truck online now! Are you interested in purchasing any commercial vehicles today? Explore our inventory online and contact us to be connected with a business representative today.

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