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Full-size Cargo Van

Full-Sized Cargo Van Rentals

Full-size cargo van rentals from Hengehold Trucks can meet all your transportation needs. These cargo vans are over nine feet in length on the inside. With 185 cubic feet of space for you to use, there is plenty of room to transport your boxes and goods from one city to the next.

Cargo Vans For Rent - Perfect For Moving

Cargo vans are perfect for moving within the city like Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose. While the cargo van rentals have plenty of space on the inside to safely store items, they are also small enough to still maneuver and park within a cityscape. Many are surprised by the space within a cargo van. Our cargo vans can carry couches, mattresses, dressers, and more easily! We encourage you not overlook the option of renting a cargo van for all of your moving needs.

Full-Size Cargo Van

Inside Height 4' 7"
Height at Door 4"
Inside Width 4' 4" *
Width at Door 4' 5"
Inside Length 9' 3"
Approximate Cubic Feet 185
*Width between wheels wells

The Hengehold Trucks Legacy

We’ve been providing quality commercial vehicles for sale and rent since 1948. If you’re interested in purchasing a cargo van, we encourage you to come see our vast inventory today.

Reserve Your Cargo Van Online

If you are looking for quality, full-size cargo van rentals that are spacious and reliable, look no further. Hengehold Trucks’ van and utility truck rentals are guaranteed when you reserve 24-hours in advance. So, don’t wait; book now! And don’t forget to check out our selection of cargo vans for sale as well. To book your reservation or learn more about cargo van rentals or other utility truck rentals we offer, contact us today, or call Hengehold Trucks directly at: 800-757-4462.

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