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24' Box Van

Rent Box Vans For Moving

No matter if you’re using a moving van or moving truck to move your business from one office to another, or if you’re starting a new life in a new home, these box vans make any move easier. With approximately 1,460 cubic feet of space, Hengehold Trucks’ 24’ Box Van with Railgate allows plenty of space for various sized boxes and other cargo. With a door height of 7’5” and a width of 7’1”, there’s not much you won’t be able to fit inside one of our reliable utility trucks.

Moving Made Easier

With this box van, you’re able to move furniture like beds, bed frames, chairs, couches, tables & more. In fact, this box van is Hengehold Trucks’ largest and is great for moving about 4-6 rooms, which means less back-and-forth trips for you. Additionally, you don’t need any special license to drive this truck—a normal driver's license will do.

24' Box Van with Railgate

Good for moving 4-6 rooms
Inside Height 8' 1"
Height at Door 7' 5"
Inside Width 7' 7"
Width at Door 7' 1"
Inside Length 23' 10"
Approximate Cubic Feet 1460
Liftgate 5' x 7' 4000 lbs.

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