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Why Rent From Us?

Reservations Guaranteed reservations. We don’t overbook. A reservation is “meaningless”. See here.
Rental Length All rentals are for 24 hours (but we do offer a special 4 hour rate on cargo vans and pickups). $19.95 gets you as little as four hours – and then things get really expensive. Read this.
Mileage Rates Competitive mileage rates. $2.00 per mile? That’s highway robbery (quite literally).
Refueling Didn’t fill up all the way? Keep your fuel receipt and we’ll match what you paid at the gas station. $30 refueling fee in addition to the cost of fuel. See for yourself.
Returning Truck Return your truck when we are closed in our after-hours drop-off lot. Good luck with that.
Moving Equipment Need a dolly or furniture pads? We’ll rent you those. You will probably rent one by accident.
Summary Our customers LOVE us. Not so much.


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Full-Size Cargo Van

Refrigerated Cargo Van

12 Passenger Van

Full-size Pickup Truck
(Rack Optional)

12' Parcel Van
w/ Ramp or Liftgate

15' Box Van
w/ Ramp or Liftgate

24' Box Van

14' Stake Truck w/Liftgate

20-24' Stake Truck

Hengehold Trucks provides quality truck and van rentals for customers in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, and throughout the Greater Bay Area.