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Refrigerated Box Van Rentals

Our Refrigerated Box Vans are perfect for those looking to haul a large load of goods that need to be temperature controlled. Better yet, these van rentals are charged by the hour so you aren’t charged for more time than what you use. No matter if you need a van for moving food, drinks, or medical supplies, our refrigerated vans in Palo Alto are sure to do the trick. Our Refrigerated Box Van rentals are also larger than our refrigerated cargo van rentals, which allows you to haul even more with 680 cubic feet to use. The van also comes with a 240V standby reefer unit that can plug into a 30-amp wall outlet. The interior can cool to near freezing, making this refrigerated box van rental suitable to transport most perishables. This refrigerated van rental is the perfect option for transporting goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, antiques, fine art, and personal care products.

Refrigerated Box Van

Inside Height 6'10"
Height at Door 6'
Inside Width 7'4"
Width at Door 6'10"
Inside Length 14'1"
Approximate Cubic Feet 680
Carrying Capacity 3,500 lbs.
Liftgate 4' x 6'8" 2,500 lbs. with cart stops
Other Features 240V Standby - Reefer Unit
Plugs Into 30 Amp Wall Outlet
NEMA L6-30 Cord (50 ft.) Provided Cools to Near Freezing
Reefer Use Charged By The Hour

Quality Commercial Truck Rentals Since 1948

Henghold Trucks has provided exceptional service to businesses and residents in Northern California since 1948. Located in Palo Alto, Hengehold Trucks has been Northern California’s premier choice for commercial vehicle rentals and sales like refrigerated box vans and draws customers from Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and beyond. Hengehold Trucks always strives to find a commercial vehicle that works for your needs.

Reserve Your Refrigerated Cargo Van Online

Don’t risk transporting items that should be temperature controlled in a normal box van rental; instead, have control over your temperature controlled goods with our refrigerated box vans. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have regarding our commercial truck rentals—contact us today. If you’re ready to reserve your refrigerated box van online, then complete the form on this page and you’ll be all set!

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